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The boys’ varsity basketball team is always an exciting group to watch on the court, and fans always look forward to seeing the KCA Eagles continue to soar!

This season the boys improved drastically thanks to the help of Head Coach Kam Barker. The Captains, Xavier McDougal and Cedric Sobola also did a wonderful job leading their team. Xavier, Cedric and Massai Brown, all seniors, received Honorable Mention All-League Awards in the MISAL League. We are excited for these young men to step into a new chapter of life, but we are also sad to see them leave, as it will be difficult to fill their shoes in the coming seasons. We look forward to see who will step up to lead the team on the court!

KCA pushed back against some tough opponents as they fought to prove their place as a viable contender on the court. A particular sign of their improvement over the season according to one of the school’s most-well respected basketball coaches, Damien Rivers, was the fact that they beat Patuxent High School in a game, as it can sometimes be hard for a small Christian school to beat a large public school with a more diverse program. Nonetheless, the Eagles did just that.

Another exciting moment of the season and proof of growth as a team was at the home playoff game against Grace Christian. Previously in the season, the boys had experienced a tough loss to Grace with almost a thirty point difference in the score. However, during the play-off game the team managed to stay competitive, losing only by three points that game.

Though they did not get to move on in the play-offs and go to Championships, the boys learned that hard work goes a long way. KCA is proud of all the work they put in, and we look forward to seeing the team rise up to even higher playing standards next season.