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The KCA Varsity girls’ basketball team shot and scored despite the pressure as the competition heated up in the 2019-2020 season. While the season began with an uncertainty of who would fill the five start- ing positions and leadership roles that had been vacated due to the departure of the entire starting five from the previous season’s State Championship team, it ended with a confident and unified team of girls who stepped up and overcame.

Thanks to the efforts of Co-MVP’s Ashley Vallandingham and Abby Boyd, leading scorer Regan Boyd, and other key players like Coach’s Award winners Amaya McWhorter, Caroline Carver, and Jania Bond,

the team quickly rose to become a fierce competitor in the league. Head Coach Mike Boyd said, “Solid support from a promising group of 7th & 8th graders garnered us praise from conference rival SMCA with them saying ‘you guys are going to be tough for years to come’.”

Highlights of the season included a tough, well-fought victory against Lanham, and the Homecoming game against SMCA which opened everyone’s eyes to the team’s potential as they battled, despite it being a loss in the end. “KCA AD John Somerville frequently praised this group with how far they came in such a short period of time, how hard they competed, and how well they played together,” said Coach Boyd. The girls ended the sea- son with a record that held an equal number of wins and losses, and we hope to tip the scale next year for a winning season.

This season unfortunately was Coach Boyd’s last year at KCA. We are sad to see Coach Boyd go as he and his family take on a new adventure together in Northern Alabama, however we are excited to see our team transfer into the hands of Coach Jonathan Shotwell, a well-known and beloved coach at KCA. Coach Shotwell has previously coached several of our boys’ basketball teams as well as several of our soccer teams, and we know he will coach our girls’ basketball with the same passion and determination he has shown in the past.