This season the KCA middle school girls’ basketball team fin- ished second in both the MISAL and SMYBL leagues overall! We are so proud of the hard work and energy they brought on and off the court!

This was the first time in KCA history that a sports team has made it to the Championships in not one but two leagues.


The Lady Eagles fought hard for both victories, and while they placed second in both championships, we hope to see them go back next year and show their resilience and growth. Coach Mike Boyd said of this season, “Winning is contagious, and we as a program have done enough of that at the HS and MS levels over the last four years to continue to attract new talent from outside KCA. I really look forward to seeing how high KCA girls’ basketball climbs next season!”

Captains this year were SMYBL All-League First Team winner Rylie Guy and Honorable Mention winner Alex Pompizzi. Regan Boyd also received an award for All-League Second Team. Coach Boyd said KCA has a very “promising group of 7th and 8th graders” which will continue to support our basketball program and bring KCA many more future victories as the girls grow in skill.

This season was one of great success when looking at the scorebooks, however it was one of even more success when looking at the sportsmanship and character our middle school girls showed.