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Cheers for our KCA Cheerleaders! We couldn’t do without them! The varsity cheerleading team became the heart and soul of the fan section as they led our student body, faculty, and families in cheering on our varsity basketball team in the 2019-2020 season.


“We truly had one of the best seasons for cheer this year…I feel so spoiled with the girls Coach Behe and I had on the squad,” Varsity Coach Barbara Mashtare said. Together Captain Faith Fitz, a junior, and CoCaptain Kaitlynn Russo-Barnes, a sophomore, helped create a very team-minded and spiritfilled team of 15 girls. Morgan Behe received the Coach’s Award for the season for her willingness to help at a moment’s notice.


Kaity Northam, a sophomore, was given the 2019- 2020 MVP award for her constant encouragement and excitement at practices and games, as well as the knowledge of the sport she brought to the team. Rookie of the Year and a sophomore, Cassie Mashtare was nervous to be a flyer in her first year on varsity, but quickly rose to the occasion to become a tight, strong, spirited flyer for game days.


The season began with a performance at Grandparent’s day in October where the girls got a chance to show KCA grandparents their best moves. The team also performed in February for our Parent’s day assembly. The highlight of the cheer season was the homecoming game, one of the most exciting games the girls prepare for throughout the season.


KCA’s cheerleaders gave a flawless performance at the half-time show, clearly displaying the hard work and dedication they had put in all season. Coach Mashtare said of the girls, “Their positive attitude, dedication to excellence, and Christlike love for each other made cheerleading one of the biggest joys of my school year. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together next year.”

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