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Congrats to the middle school boys’ basketball team for finishing first in the SYMBL league for the 2019-2020 season!

This was an exciting season for our boys as they took home the championship title.

Captains, SMYBL All-League First Team winner, Kyle Wagner and John Sobola, Second Team winner, led the team well with enthusiasm and courage. Another All-League winner was sixth grader Josiah Sobola who won First Team. Head Coach Chris Jones worked hard with all the boys to teach them not only skills to improve their game, but good sportsmanship win or lose, and character in the midst of competition and



All the players learned valuable lessons this season that will stick with them both on and off the court.

The team also learned that hard work pays off! Facing some tough competitors, the boys had to push hard every game and remember to continually apply what they had learned in practice. The outcome of this was the phenomenal and well-earned Championship win against Father Andrew White School, putting the KCA middle school boys at the top, and landed itself as the best highlight of this team’s season. The team looks forward to defending their title as “Champions” next season

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