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Passing, setting and spiking, KCA’s varsity volleyball teams served it up this season on the court. The season began with summer practices to start getting the girls in shape for the season. Head Coach Katharine Gausmann said, “While we did not win every game, we were always competitive. Many games were close and really came down to the end, and each game you could see each player’s development and skills improve.”

The Dig Pink game in October against Calverton was a highlight of the season where Bridget McLellan, a sophomore, specifically shined. “She had been a little nervous about hitting up until this game. She really went for it, and you could tell she was having a good time. It was definitely a breakthrough moment where everything just sort of clicked for her and the team,” said Gausmann. Another highlight was a home game against Grace Christian Academy.

Sophomore Kaity Northam, the team’s Most Improved award winner, came out of her shell, serving over five points to catch KCA back up and tie the game.


While the girls lost several matches, they were always competitive and never lost sight of their positivity. Sophomore, Captain, setter, and MVP Kaitlynn Russo-Barnes quickly assumed a leadership role and supported each of her teammates through encouragement on and off the court. “This year the major standout was the team comradery, unity, and a friendship bond among the girls.” Kaitlynn along with Piper Wells, also a sophomore, were the only two returning players from the previous season, so they did an excellent job helping Coach Gausmann to lead the team despite its wide range of skillsets.

Other notable players include Coach’s Award winner Shawnie Daugherty, a sophomore, who, according to her coach, was a versatile and reliable player, and sophomore Shavon Savoy and freshman Elizabeth Barry who both received Most Spirited awards for the lightness and cheer they always brought to the team.

Overall, the season was an exciting one, and we hope the girls will have the opportunity to continue growing in the fall. While several of their summer practices have been postponed and cancelled due to Covid-19, we look forward to what God has in store for our athletes!

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