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  • The Bible is God’s revelation to man and is our final authority in all areas of life.

  • God is the creator and sustainer of all things and in Him resides all truth and only as we know Him can we completely know anything. Col. 1: 16-17

  • Man is made in the image of God and created for His glory.

  • Because of man’s depravity through sin he is inherently evil, and his only hope for restoration to God is through regeneration provided by Jesus Christ.

  • The primary responsibility for the education of a child lies with the parent.

  • The Christian school is an extension of the Christian home, and both work together in harmony with the Christian church.

  • The school is responsible to educate the total child — spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially; however, the primary responsibility of the school is for the intellectual development of the child.

  • Since all truth is God’s truth, every subject must be taught from a Biblical prospective.

  • Students are responsible to submit to the authority of the school and to actively support its program.

  • The school has the responsibility of a Biblical stewardship of its authority.

  • The teacher represents the parent.

  • The school is responsible to civil authority unless contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

  • Since we are involved in a spiritual warfare, we must be prepared not only to combat ignorance but also deception and opposition.

  • All personnel involved in the entire curriculum must be thoroughly committed to the Christian philosophy of education, and thoroughly Christian in character.

  • We recognize the disciplinary aspect of education which is based on the Word of God, and which is necessary for good instruction and good learning to take place. This includes both reward and punishment.

  • The Biblical view of teaching is that the instructor has a directive posture in the class as opposed to a passive one.

  • As a Christian school, we recognize that we have supernatural resources through prayer and the Holy Spirit and that they must be given priority in the Administration of our schools.

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