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Students in third grade have reached the "middle" of their elementary school career. This is a year of independence for them as they begin to develop lifelong study habits. Our third graders are equipped with their own agenda books to learn responsibility by writing down their homework assignments and upcoming deadlines. Parents are always kept in the loop using RenWeb and teacher-run website pages.

Our students enjoy a variety of academic courses throughout the week, as well as weekly classes in Computer, Music, Art, Library, and Physical Education. Our entire lower school joins together for weekly Chapels on Wednesdays.

By third grade, students are expected to use cursive writing for each assignment. Penmanship has daily practice while studying all other subjects.
The language arts curriculum enables students to read, speak, spell, and write with accuracy and creativity. Each week, third-grade students are presented with 22 new words to spell. Students learn and practice basic spelling rules, syllabication rules, proofreading, grammar, and new vocabulary for creative writing.

The third-grade math curriculum continues teaching addition and subtraction with larger numerals and with carrying and borrowing, multiplying with carrying, division with dividends, story problems with multiple steps, fractions, graphing, and probability. Our curriculum lays the foundation for higher mathematics at a young age.

Bible class includes pledges, prayer, memory verses, songs, and the lesson for the week. Character development is an integral part of the curriculum. It is our goal in this Christian school to lead children to a saving knowledge of Christ and to help them grow spiritually in the Lord.

Third graders are taught the location of the seven continents and four oceans along with the fifty states and their capitals. Additionally, major geographical features of the United States are covered along with basic map skills.

Science is taught during the first semester of the year, while Health is taught during the second semester. Science instruction helps students find beauty and biblical truth through the world around us. Additionally, each student completes an individual science project which is entered and judged in the lower school science fair. The purpose of health class is to teach students about the body God has given them to encourage them to practice good health, safety, and manners each day.

For more information, please contact the school and schedule a meeting with our staff or a full tour.

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