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In kindergarten, we encourage each child's development in an environment focused on planting the seed of God's love and through a strong, biblically-integrated curriculum. KCA emphasizes development of a strong foundation of academics and character for children to build off of for the entirety of their academic career. We desire our students to be passionate about learning, which is why we incorporate fun, hands-on learning into our studies.
Our Kindergarteners enjoy a variety of academic courses throughout the week, as well as weekly classes in Computer, Music, Art, Library, and Physical Education. Our entire lower school joins together for weekly Chapels on Wednesdays.

By the end of the school year, students have covered many Literacy, Writing, Math, and Bible concepts
Students will learn to recognize short and long vowel sounds, sight words, and special sounds. Students learn at an early age to read fluently and to answer questions about what they have read.
Our students also write daily! Through regular practice, they learn basic grammar rules, properly space words and sentences in writing, spell beginner words, and come up with an idea and how to convey it before beginning to write.
Each day, our students grow in their ability to understand a variety of math concepts like counting, basic addition and subtraction, symmetry, money counting, and understanding beginner word problems.
Because KCA believes knowing God's Word is the most important foundation of all, students are taught Bible lessons and memorize a weekly Bible verse to be recited in class on Friday.

For more information, please contact the school and schedule a meeting with our staff or a full tour.

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