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Fifth grade is a special year for our learners, as it is the last year of elementary school before middle school begins. This is a time of gaining more independence in preparation for middle school and beyond.

Our students enjoy a variety of academic courses throughout the week, as well as weekly classes in Computer, Music, Art, Library, and Physical Education. Our entire lower school joins together for weekly Chapels on Wednesdays.

Homework is given regularly throughout the week and must be written in an agenda book each day. Students can expect to take quizzes and tests each week.

Bible class in fifth grade focuses on building strong character foundations before entering middle school. Students will learn the major characters of the Old Testament and understand their positive/negative character traits, major sequence events in the Old Testament, relate these events to their own lives, and memorize various passages of scripture.

Math skills are also emphasized, as students continue to learn concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions, converting various measures and solving various types of equations and word problems.

By fifth grade, our students have excellent reading abilities, and many are reading at levels far above a fifth-grade level. Students are expected to read with literal and implicit comprehension, skim through a passage and locate the main idea, read dramatically with an understanding of the personality and motivation of the character, make strong predictions on a passage by using context clues and find supporting passages that further explain the main idea. KCA continues to emphasize grammar and language concepts through daily practice and instructions in language.
History class emphasizes the major accomplishments of the ancient cultures, recognizing various individuals in history, locating places on a map and globe, and being aware of different cultures. Fifth-grade students will complete a "country project" where they select a country of their choice and thoroughly research it. The culmination of this project is a special day to present their findings, enjoy food from around the world, and even dress in traditional garb from the different countries.

Science class teaches students to ask questions and understand a variety of scientific concepts. Through science, KCA hopes to emphasize the wonder and beauty of God's creation. An individual science fair project will be completed by all students and presented in front of the class and a panel of judges.

For more information, please contact the school and schedule a meeting with our staff or a full tour.

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