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At The King's Christian Academy, we seek to nurture their inquisitive minds and encourage their passion for knowledge. Our students are ready to learn all that they can about God’s amazing creation, and our teachers love teaching the wonders of His world. Through the use of textbooks and technology, teachers present the facts; but through their passion for teaching and their love for the Lord they add increasingly more to the learning environment.

Our students love KCA because their days are filled with “experiences.” They have field trips, science labs, music classes, projects, cooperative groups, chapels, guest speakers and so much more. Teachers use every day experiences to teach valuable life lessons through the eyes of our Lord. School is not just about academics. It’s about learning how to get along with one another and use the gifts and talents God has given us to serve Him and nurture our relationships.

The lower school is a busy place! Whether we are enjoying a competitive math game, learning a musical instrument, planning a chapel, rehearsing for the Christmas musicale, or just relaxing on the playground, our students stay engaged and involved. We encourage you to visit our classrooms and see what all the excitement is about.

KCA's focus is centered on your children, uniquely created by God, with varied interests, gifts, and talents.  We desire to provide challenging opportunities in a rewarding spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social educational environment.

Students are surrounded by a playground that invites healthy activity with its soccer field, rock climbing and vast open spaces. Our outstanding professional staff is committed to excellence in instructing and engaging your children in the learning process through a biblical perspective. The curriculum is designed to enthusiastically absorb your children into a deeper understanding of God’s Truth and the World He created.

We invite your family to become part of The King's Christian Academy!

Click on the tabs to the left to learn more about the opportunities our Lower School students have at each grade level.

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