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Middle school can be a challenging time of change and growth for students and parents alike. KCA provides resources for you and your maturing child to thrive in this time of transition, including a consistent, loving environment, sound academics, and a multitude of extracurricular activities for our students to enjoy, such as athletics, fine arts, and STEM.

Middle School is where students begin to develop into confident, intellectual young adults. KCA strives to provide a learning environment that both challenges and nurtures students during early adolescence.

KCA's experienced faculty teaches students the content and skills necessary for later academic success while encouraging them to ask questions, seek creative solutions, and take risks as a part of learning. KCA recognizes that each student is an individual with different learning styles and gifts than each of their classmates, which is why our students benefit from small class sizes and varied instructional techniques.
KCA's middle school curriculum builds a bridge between elementary and high school and prepares students to confidently enter the next stage of their academic journey. The Middle School curriculum is founded on traditional instruction in subjects like English grammar, literature, science, history, mathematics, and Bible. Students have the opportunity to choose their electives, with a requirement of participating at some point in both STEM and Fine Arts electives as well as physical education.

Our middle school follows a modified A Beka curriculum, a well-known and nationally recognized Christian program. Bible classes use either Positive Action for Christ, A Beka, or ACSI.

• Literature
• Math
• Bible
• Spelling and Vocabulary
• Language
• Science
• History
• Physical Education
• Electives (STEM, Art, Home Ec, Creative Writing, Music, etc.)
Throughout the year, students are welcome to participate a wide range of athletic programs. Other middle school activities include drama performances, class chapels, speech contests, and field trips to our local military base and Washington D.C. One of our annual highlights is the KCA Middle School Banquet, which features fellowship, food, and great entertainment with a formal flair. Middle School students experience weekly chapel services, where they can lead and participate in worship and enjoy encouraging messages from many local pastors and speakers with the rest of our Upper School. Wherever students choose to focus their efforts, we have opportunities to participate during every season of the year.
We also place an emphasis on the moral development of each student by providing opportunities to develop personal integrity, leadership skills, and a desire to serve the community. KCA has instituted a Junior National Honor Society, giving our students the opportunity to shine well before their high school career begins.
For more information on these enriching activities, there are several pages dedicated to more thoroughly explaining these opportunities in the dropdown menu.

At the beginning of each school year, our middle school students leave campus and travel to the Black Rock Science Camp in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for a three-day adventure.
New students have the chance to room with other students and get to know their peers, and returning students befriend new students and solidify old friendships as well. It's also a great chance for teachers and students to get to know one another off-campus.
In addition to getting to know one another, students participate in different levels of hands-on activities, experiencing God's nature through science experiments, games, worship, campfires, and other events. Many of our students will tell you that their annual trip to Black Rock was a highlight of their middle school years!
Each year, we do have a number of parents attend as chaperones for the boys' and girls' cabins. If you're interested in coming along to experience it, don't hesitate to let us know!

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