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In the fourth grade, students begin to expand their knowledge beyond the basics. Our STEM program begins in the fourth grade, and every student takes a weekly Robotics course where they are given the opportunity to build and program a bot.

Additionally, students who have an interest in learning a musical instrument may take band, which meets twice a week. Fourth graders who choose to participate will perform in band concerts throughout the year and may opt for additional private lessons.
Seven fourth graders are chosen annually to compete in the SMECO Math Challenge. This county-wide competition brings together a variety of public and private schools from across the county.

All students enjoy a variety of academic courses throughout the week, as well as weekly classes in Computer, Music, Art, Library, and Physical Education. Our entire lower school joins together for weekly Chapels on Wednesdays.

Homework is given regularly throughout the week and must be written in an agenda book each day. Students can expect to take quizzes and tests on various subjects each week. Most work must be done in cursive unless otherwise stated by the teacher.
KCA desires to teach all students that the Bible is true, inspired, and endures. Various biblical topics are taught throughout the fourth-grade year, and students memorize a Bible verse every week.

Fourth graders focus on comprehension and fluency in reading through assigned readings on which several book reports will be completed throughout the year. Grammar rules, sentence structure and variation, and parts of speech are taught and expected to be utilized in all assignments. Weekly spelling lessons also require students to spell and know the definition of 22 new words each week.

The fourth-grade math curriculum continues building the following skills: place value, review of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division, geometry, fractions, decimals, and measurements. Our curriculum lays the foundation for higher mathematics.

Fourth graders at KCA learn about the beginnings of American history, starting with the discovery of the land through today's modern times. Additionally, students complete a sizeable undertaking known as the "The Maryland History Project." The class even gets to take a field trip to historical St. Mary's City, on which parents are welcome to attend.

Science seeks to demonstrate God's love for us and closeness to us through the study of His universe. Additionally, each student completes an individual science project, which is entered and judged in the school science fair. Health is taught during the 4th quarter of the school year. Textbook materials cover parts of the body, manners, and basic physical health.

For more information, please contact the school and schedule a meeting with our staff or a full tour.

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