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KCA's first grade blends fun with education to encourage a love for learning! Our teachers are committed to encouraging each child's development through a biblically-integrated curriculum and by demonstrating God's love and character in their classrooms. KCA emphasizes a strong foundation of academics and character for children to build off of for the entirety of their academic career. We desire our students to be passionate about learning, which is why we incorporate fun, hands-on learning into our studies and emphasize the importance and excitement of learning.
Our First Grade students enjoy a variety of academic courses throughout the week, as well as weekly classes in Computer, Music, Art, Library, and Physical Education. Our entire lower school joins together for weekly Chapels on Wednesdays.

KCA's First-grade students continue to learn reading, writing, and language through a phonics system coupled with graduated reading material. Through our creative writing emphasis, the children learn to use their skills to write original stories and share their opinion. A unique aspect of our curriculum is that KCA teaches cursive writing! While many schools have done away with teaching and using cursive in the classroom, we believe that good penmanship is important.
Students will also develop their understanding of mathematical language. Some units of study include: addition and subtraction, patterning and sorting, symmetry, place value, basic problem solving, time telling, measurements, and counting money.
KCA also begins to introduce social studies and science in first grade. Social studies help students learn about their nation and its history, geographical points, and other cultures around the world. The major goal of the science curriculum is to develop a knowledge of our God whom we see revealed in the world around us, promote scientific literacy, and encourage a Biblical perspective of the study of scientific systems. They will even get the opportunity to complete a class science project!
Through the study of Bible characters and stories, students will explore God's grace in action. The plan of salvation is taught, and personal opportunity is interwoven in discussion. Each week, students learn, memorize, and recite a verse as part of their weekly lesson.

For more information, please contact the school and schedule a meeting with our staff or a full tour.

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