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Flipping, cheering, and tumbling our KCA middle school cheerleaders really get the crowds rumbling!

This season our cheerleaders got to do a number of exciting things. Our middle school squad had the chance to cheer on our middle school boys’ basketball team for many of their games, including when the boys won first place in the league for the 2019-2020 season! The girls always do a flawless job of leading the crowd in supporting our basketball team, and that game was no exception. They also had the opportunity to perform for all the KCA parents on Parent’s Day to show off the skills they had gained.

Perhaps the most exciting portion of the season though was when several of our cheerleaders got to partner with cheerleaders from Father Andrew White School to perform mid-court at a University of Maryland (UMD) game! The girls met several UMD cheerleaders who encouraged them in their sport, which was definitely a season's “best moment” for many of the girls.

Thanks to Coach Michelle Northam and Assistant Coach Wynne Prasada-Rao, the team was able to learn all season skills like stunting and new cheers. Captain Brianna Northam, according to Coach Prasada-Rao, did a great job “rallying and motivating her fellow athletes.” Co-Captains Alesha Ashton and Grace Rog also “provided additional enthusiasm to the team.” One of our cheerleaders, Maddie VanCuren also participates in competitive cheer outside of the school, which she has done for the past three years. KCA looks forward to watching these cheerleaders grow over the years as a team in friendship, unity, and skill!

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