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Middle school volleyball dug deep this season to improve and grow in both character and skill. “We set out to grow together – both in skill, and to honor God through our efforts. We achieved both of those goals while learning to love the game,” said Head Coach Sara Evans.

The girls began the season with practices before school started to get back into shape for the season and work on the fundamentals. Coach Evans said, “At the middle school level, learning the proper skills is essential.” Each girl developed her skills early on to lay the foundation for not only the 2019 season, but also her future playing opportunities.

When it came to games, the girls pushed hard each match and fought for every point, never giving up spirit and positivity. Several of the players who had a little more experience in volleyball really stepped up to lead and encourage the team like Amanda Allen, Grace Rog, Faith Mason, Mackenzie Hoskins, Miranda Short, and Myla Jones.

The season could not have been possible without the parent support, the girls’ willingness to learn throughout every practice and game, and the love the coaches and girls all had for one another and the game. Coach Evans said the team enjoyed every moment on the court win or lose and “learned that success can be measured by more than the score at the end of the match.”

While the team record was not high in wins, the girls are excited to come back next year stronger than before and continue to develop a passion for the game and the skills necessary to keep growing.

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