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Our middle school soccer teams “kicked it into gear” for the 2019 season! This year Coaches Eric and Sara Brown fearlessly led two co-ed teams of middle school students, one being a 7th and 8th grade team and the other being a 6th grade team. In total, they had 31 players.

This was not the Browns’ first season coaching soccer, however it was their first time coaching at KCA. “We had a large variety of experience on the team, including several players with experience on county travel teams and several players who had never played soccer before,” said the Browns. Because of the difference in playing experience, the team had to work hard on playing together with unity against very skilled opponents. “Our players faced other teams in the league who had played together for many years under the same coaches and were very talented,” continued Coach Eric Brown.

While the variety of playing experience and tough competition could have de- teriorated team morale, the team did not let any of that deter them from playing hard and growing in the game and in character. Coach Sara Brown remarked of the season, “We played hard and, as coaches, emphasized growth and sports- manship.” The 7th and 8th grade team ended the season with two wins under their belt.

The hope for next year is that there are enough players for separate girls and boys teams to allow the players even more room to grow!

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