Our choral ensemble (called Voice of Hope) is a “for-credit,” elective class at The King’s Christian Academy that is open to KCA and homeschool students in grades nine through twelve. 

Requirements for admission are that the student must:


  1. exemplify a clear Christian testimony in his/her life;

  2. demonstrates the ability to sing his or her part on pitch;

  3. sing in such a way so as to blend his or her voice with the group; and

  4. learn his or her part quickly.

New members are accepted either as participatory members or as members in training. The goal of “members in training” (M.I.T.s) is to demonstrate the above four requirements as soon as possible within the group rehearsal setting. Once this level is achieved, the director will pass the student on to participatory member. 


Our Voice of Hope Choir sings at Grandparents’ Day, Parents’ Day, PTF meetings, Baccalaureate, community events (by invitation) and church events/worship services (by invitation).