Fine Arts

At KCA, every student is an artist. Throughout Lower School, our students sing, perform, draw, paint, and sculpt. Band instrument instruction begins in the fourth grade and music class is an essential part of each student’s week. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to perform in front of both their peers and families. One of the largest showcases of the year is during the Christmas season when every student in grades Pre-K through 6th performs in a musical event.

Once in Upper School, students have opportunities to excel in choral groups, bands, praise teams, talent shows, and drama performances. Our extensive visual arts program includes drawing, painting and graphic design. Those who enjoy writing will want to be part of our student newspaper. Written and illustrated by students, The Talon is published on a quarterly basis and is filled with the latest school news and opinion pieces.

Being part of Fine Arts at KCA is not just about fostering talent. It’s about experiencing art, enjoying art, and developing an appreciation for art that will last a lifetime. Students gain from the instruction and inspiration of highly trained and skilled faculty. The curriculum is designed to foster self-worth and creative expression as it integrates faith and learning. The arts are thriving at KCA – and so are our artists.