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Michael Patterson


Mike has served for 28 years as a KCA board member.  His expertise is in resource development, financial planning, construction management, and campus development.  He chairs the Board's Property Development committee and serves on the Board's Finance committee.  God has amazed Mike many times by the multitude of blessings He has bestowed on KCA over the school’s 42-year history. He believes God has marvelous plans to bless the lives of many, many more students, their families, and their churches in the future through the ministry of KCA.Mike is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  He served the US Navy as a federal employee for 40 years in the development and support of Navy air traffic control and landing systems. He is now retired and enjoys spending time with his wife, Sarah, KCA’s founding administrator.  They have been married for 59 years and have two children. Their three grandchildren all graduated from Briarcrest Christian School near Memphis, TN. Their oldest grandchild is a graduate of Wheaton College.  Their younger grandchildren are undergraduates at Cedarville and Liberty.  Mike and Sarah are members of Redeeming Grace Baptist Church.

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