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Melinda Cornwell

6th Grade

Melinda Cornwell is a dedicated teacher with over six years of experience teaching pre-K through
eighth-grade students. In her recent position at Little Flower School, Melinda taught English Language
Arts in middle school, including reading and grammar while also serving as the Student Council Advisor,
demonstrating her commitment to student development.

Prior to her time at Little Flower, Melinda served as an Instructional Resource Paraeducator at Green
Holly Elementary School, offering exceptional teaching and testing support to a diverse student
population. Melinda discovered her passion for teaching while completing her student teaching
internship at Calvert County Public Schools, where she successfully navigated the challenges of virtual
and hybrid learning environments.

Melinda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education from Notre Dame
of Maryland University and earned a 3.947 GPA. Beyond her academics, she is an active member of Real
Life Church and finds joy in reading, cooking, fishing, and spending quality time with her family and

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