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Daniel Schlueter


Dan Schlueter was raised in the Mohawk Valley of NY and completed four years at The King’s College for a Bachelor’s degree in History in 1985. That same year Dan married Crystal Verrill of Maine and moved with their doberman to So Md to teach and coach at Calvert Christian School. When the school folded in 1987, Dan taught a year at Calvert High School. He furthered his education with the UMD Archaeological field school and numerous courses from Immaculata Univ. of PA through the efforts of the Freedoms Foundation. While teaching and coaching at Grace Brethren (Clinton), he became History department chairperson.
He spent 33 years there before he applied to The KCA in Summer 2021 where he moved into the Middle School Social Studies courses. For the 2022-23 school year he has moved up into the HS History/Bible position. He continues to enjoy reenacting, volleyball, archaeology, and nonfiction reading.

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