*Book and Activity Fees include books, activities, and Art and Computer supplies. Middle School fees also include the Black Rock Outdoor Science trip costs. These fees are not refundable. 


Testing Fee – A fee of $125 is due for each student tested by KCA personnel. This fee is not refundable. 


New Student Registration Fee  -- A fee of $170 is due for each new student enrolled at KCA. These fees are not refundable. 

Continuous Enrollment Fee (current students) – A fee of $85 is due for each student by March 1

st. Students who do not Opt-Out by February 28th will automatically be billed this fee. 

New Family Matriculation Fee – A fee of $430 is due at registration for the first year your family enrolls at KCA. This is a one-time initial fee and is not refundable. 


Family Improvement Fee- A fee of $78 per family can be paid during recommitment, registration or  paid with tuition payments. 


Bus Fee --The cost for bus service to Calvert County is a yearly fee of $1,200 per family. There is 

no charge for bus service in St. Mary’s County.

Senior Graduation Fee – A fee of $130 is due for graduating seniors. This fee helps defray the costs of the graduation ceremony. This fee does not include graduation announcements. 

Withdrawal Fee -- Registering your student(s) at KCA enrolls him/her for the whole school year. If you decide to withdraw your student(s) at any time during the 2020-2021 school year, you must pay a withdrawal fee of $500 per student withdrawn. 


Full Payment Credit - Families electing the full payment plan, i.e. contracting at the time of registration to pay their year’s tuition in full before July 1, 2020 receive a 1.5% credit of their total tuition amount. 

Volunteer Credit - Families that volunteer more than 30 hours in the previous school year are eligible for a $160 volunteer tuition credit. 

Scholarships – KCA offers tuition assistance to families with unusual financial needs. Families must apply online at www.factstuitionaid.com or request a hardcopy from the school office. Although we try to accommodate as many families as possible, tuition assistance is limited and is distributed by June 1. If any tuition assistance funds remain after June 1, they will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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