1st Grade APRIL News!


As I write this, we have one full week to go before our annual SPRING BREAK!!!!!   Are we ready?  YES!

In spite of all the ‘unplanned’ days off, the kids need a little time to run in the sun (hopefully) and run, and run, and run.  Then, we can settle in to finish the year with renewed energy and focus.

Coming back, you will be amazed at how fast the rest of the year flies by.   In relation  to your child’s academic expectations…encourage them to always DO THEIR BEST!  Encourage every litle bit of progress you see in their reading.  Are they reading more smoothly? More quickly?  With more expression?  Are they understanding better what they read?

On work coming home..check for any patterns of misunderstanding and go over these things with them.  In addition to other things already in place, they will be held accountable for backwards letters and capitals where none should be…on any work.

Hang on and let’s end well!

Happy birthday to Hannah (17th), Aidam (22nd),  and Grace (27th).















1st Grade Important Dates


April 14-21  —- Easter Break








This Quarter in 1st Grade

Look for these upgrades in Quarter 4:

No Name (on tests)  -  2pt.

No Spacing in Lang. sent. – 1 pt.

Backwards nos./ltrs. –  anywhere

 No Coloring (when assigned)  –  2 pts.

Capitals (where none should be)  –  anywhere

Daily checks to see that homework is done


Have a good attitude!!!!!