1st Grade August News!


TulipsAs of this writing, our first grade is growing from just one class to two with two new teachers!  Ms. Kelsey Duke and Mrs. Joanne Sobola will be leading the classes with Mrs. Spade helping in the mornings in the reading program.

So, stay tuned for exciting updates from our first grade as school gets into full swing in a very short time.

Welcome to KCA!!















1st Grade Important Dates


Aug.13 – teachers return

Aug. 20- first day for students (half-day)








This Quarter in 1st Grade

Look for these upgrades in Quarter 4:

No Name (on tests)  –  2pt.

No Spacing in Lang. sent. – 1 pt.

Backwards nos./ltrs. —  anywhere

 No Coloring (when assigned)  —  2 pts.

Capitals (where none should be)  —  anywhere

Daily checks to see that homework is done


Have a good attitude!!!!!