5th Grade News

5th Grade Dates

For week of 3-10- 14
M – None
T – Science Quiz – Study for quiz, sections 6.2 -6.8
Language Test – Study for test pp 116-132
W- History Quiz – study pp 173-175
Th – Science Test – Use Study guide for Chapter 6
F – Bible – Study Bible verse – Psalm 140:4
Spelling – Study for test – Les. 26 words

5th grade Goals

Bible – Focus is on the kings of the divided kingdom of Israel.
Spelling – We are learning to spell words with prefixes and suffixes.
Reading – We have started our third book, Windows to the World
Language – We are reviewing all the parts of speech
History – We will study ancient Rome
Science – We will start Chapter 6, Energy and Engines

5th Grade Homework

Language quiz on commas and quotation marks especially pay attention to the comma usage in dialogue.