KCA offers a wide variety of Dramatic opportunities. In addition to performing in skits during class chapels throughout the year, lower school students are all included in a Christmas Musical. 6th graders have the opportunity for being cast as leads in this production.
Middle and High school students also are provided with a variety of opportunities to perform onstage. KCA usually produces two upper school plays over the course of the school year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.
Drama may be taken for-credit as an elective class at The King’s Christian Academy, but the Spring Play often offers opportunities for others members of the student body to participate as well. Auditions are typically open to students in grades nine through twelve. Stage Crew involvement is open to all Upper School students, including middle school students in grades 7 and 8.
The purpose of the first half of the Drama course is to provide students with a basic knowledge of the development of theater and dramatic performance through history as well as a basic understanding of modern stage terminology. This class will provide students with an opportunity to practice in the skills needed to successfully speak in front of a group with specific emphasis on preparation, projection, articulation, rate of delivery, and confidence in front of an audience. Studies during the first half of the year may also include reading and analyzing classical works of dramatic literature.
The focus of study in the 2nd semester emphasizes the practical application of theatrical skills both though preparing and performing a character in the Spring Play and/ or through contributing to the production in one of several technical capacities. These technical capacities include set design, construction crew, costume design, running crew, sound & lighting design, publicity, hair & makeup design and stage management. Drama class requires significant after school commitment to rehearsal as a part of each student’s grade.
Specific dates for rehearsals and performances are announced seasonally.